Wednesday, April 1

Spring Break - London

Martine & the totem poles

The very free British Museum - let me tell you it is SUCH a relief to get to go somewhere for free

Again, British Museum

And let thy feet millenniums hence be set in midst of knowledge - alfred lord tennyson

Fish & Chips with Vinegar!

Um, why are you copying Rome, England? Anyway, thats Nelson's column, he was killed during the Battle of Trafalgar

Trafalgar Square

I think this is a museum

Gateway to St. James Park & Buckingham Palace

Oh hello, Ben.
British flags & daffodils in St. James Park

More of St. James

St. James flowers

close up

I'm telling you, these pictures aren't that great - its the sky that makes the difference. Anyway, thats the statue of Victoria(?) who looks kind of like an angel and thats Buckingham Palace behind her.

Sunset in London

The gate of Canada, I think

Victoria looking Victorious

I think this was the gate of Africa? I actually forget

The guards, who I honestly did not remember being so weird...

They are quite small, they just have hats that boost their height.

A unicorn somewhere in London

I think maybe someone from Mexico was coming because they had up all these Mexican flags...also, notice Big Ben

There I am in front of my little palace :)

Non lo so.


There I am :)

Martin Luther King Jr!


Westminster looking a little creepy

Again, Westminster

I love this picture - a double decker bus & Big Ben


What a lovely gate.

Oh hello, Big Ben

That sky really made these pictures 

Big Ben really is pretty big - by the way, did you know that Big Ben is really named for the giant bell within and not for the size of the edifice or the size of the clock? Thanks, Martine for that bit of knowledge.

B&W of the Thames

Parliament on the Thames lit up at night

Westminster Bridge & Big Ben

Tower Bridge at night

London Bridge might have fallen down, but there is a new one currently standing. Thats my proof.

There it is! Did you know London Bridge is red at night??

Tower Bridge again

St. Pauls?

More of St. Pauls

Oh hmm, I'm just going to make a phone call now

Oh great, paparazzi!

St. Pauls from the front

St. Pauls

Hello double decker bus

Goodbye, double decker bus

Martine (In case you can't tell, I'm getting REALLY sick of writing captions for all of these damn pictures)

We went to Fleet Street! Oh okay so see there are three signs? One that says Fleet Street, one that says eat and one that is really bright and you can't see? Look at the next picture to see what that one says:

Sweeny Sweeny Sweeny Todd - the demon barber of Fleet Street!

Again, not so sure what this is...

I think Martine says this is a famous pub

This is NOT a trash can - its a mailbox

Twinings, yum

More Twinings

Remember in the Ireland pictures when I was talking about Martine's summer house? Well, this is the dungeon in my summer house.

And theres my house :) But don't worry, only for the summer.
Thats our hostel, it was pretty awesome.

Mind the gap, please.

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